Schools Teams Racing.. an introduction

Schools Teams Racing

Schools Teams Racing is a series of dinghy sailing races which are teams-based, and use a special set of rules and scoring system to permit fast moving and exciting sailing, in close proximity to spectators.
Each team sails 3 boats, and 2 teams are on the course at any one time. Winning a race requires that a team finishes the course with the majority of their team in front of the other team.Finishers are scored 6,5,4,3,2,1, and the highest tally team wins the race.There are a number of winning combinations possible and sailors are allowed to position their boat, sails, and wind shadow (within the Teams Racing Rules) to slow opposition boats or assist their own team members in order to achieve a winning finish. There is a mobile judge on the water to observe and adjudicate any rule infractions as they happen.
Courses are very short and races take around 10 minutes. Using a round robin system all teams will typically sail all other teams at least once throughout the regatta, with points awarded for wins, and at the conclusion of the series these points determine the regatta results.Teams racing encourages students to improve their sailing skills, improve their knowledge an interpretation of the sailing rules, and learn tactics and teamwork, whilst competing in a healthy outdoor after-school activity. The boats are usually the fibreglass Pacer dinghy, of which many fleets are owned by Sailing Clubs, organisations, and Schools around the country.In Launceston, the sailing is done in boats owned by the Tamar Yacht Club, and 2 regattas are usually held each year, sailed on Lake Trevallyn.
A teams racing regatta will usually be run over 4 weekday evenings, with racing starting at 4:30 pm and continuing into the early evening.Schools form a team of 3 skippers (who steer the boats, and need a little sailing experience) and 3 crews, (who often have not been sailing before) Thus it is an ideal way to introduce new children to the sport of sailing.
In summer we run 2 training nights prior to the start of the actual regatta, to encourage and help less experienced teams to join in the series. Once started, sailors often become addicted to this style of sailing, and can go on to State, National, Interdominion, and World championships.
In order to get more sailors started, we have eased the entry requirements to allow schools which cannot field 6 sailors to combine with other schools to form teams. In order to be eligible for the main regatta trophy, teams should consist of at least 3 skippers from the same school, but crews may be from any school. There will also be a division 2 trophy for the leading noncompliant team at the end of the regatta.With this information you will find the Notice of Race (NOR), which is a standard form of sailing regatta information. It gives basic information on dates, venues, formats, entry and eligibility etc.The actual sailing rules and conditions for sailing the regatta are detailed in a further document called the Sailing Instructions (SI’s), which are issued closer to the start of the regatta and are usually accompanied by the schedule of races.
If you have any queries or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me on mobile 0408 449 110. You may know some of the teaching staff who have co-ordinated teams in the past and who I'm sure would be happy to pass on information; These are Bernd Meyer at Launceston Church Grammar School, Jane Rogers, also at LCGS, Mark Evans at St Patricks College, Angela Vaughan at Scotch Oakburn College, Warren McDonough at Exeter High, and Murat Djakic at Brooks High School.Hope to see you at the Lake,
Richard Grant, Chairman TYC SBSS.

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The MAST Motor Boat Licence Course is delivered by accredited instructors and includes theory, exam and practical session.

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These courses fill up quite quickly so don't be surprised if you can't get in straight away. Please submit Expression of Interest, and Enrolment form to the Office at 7 Park St Launceston. For futher information please read the FAQ page.

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