Member Duty

AWYC relies on members & volunteers to carry out the various activities around the club including helping in the cafe, assisting on-water on race days and general cleaning. As per the Club By-Laws, all members are required to do duty on at least 2 weekends per season.

Types of duty

The duty roster is arranged through our online program - DutyMan. Logon to roster your duty or check the event calendar.

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If you have any questions or problems you can email the AWYC Dutyman Administrator at

How Dutyman works

Dutyman functions best when members select their own duty as only members know what duties and days suit them best. If you don’t select your own duty the system will do it for you and it may not fit with your plans. When you have selected/been allocated a duty/s you will be sent an email to advise you have been added to the roster. The email will list the dates you have been allocated, the event/s and your role/s and any special instructions for that role. General instructions that apply to all duties are also listed. There will also be the link to log in to DutyMan.

DutyMan enables each member and volunteer to view the event calendar and to check who has been allocated which duty and when. It allows all those involved to confirm their attendance or responsibility and it also highlights where and when extra cover may be required.

DutyMan sends automatic email reminders and it makes roster swaps between members very easy.

As your allocated duties may be several weeks/months away, and people can forget, the system will send you 2 reminders for every duty. The first will be sent the month prior and the second the week before.

This on-line roster is accurate as it is up to date, and available to all members to see at any time on the web. The information displayed is strictly limited to dates, events, duty types and names. To see more details including email addresses and phone numbers people must identify themselves by logging in.


How do I check my duty?

After logging in to DutyMan your rostered duties are highlighted. By clicking on the highlighted dates you can drill down to your duty and obtain more information about your role and any special instructions. The others on the team and their details will be listed. You can confirm your attendance or request a swap.

There is also the ability to add the duty to your computer or phone diary by clicking on the icon. Using the right hand panel you can export the file in a printable version, excel, CSV, or email attachment for your calendar.


I need to swap

To swap a duty, log in and find your duty. Using the panel on the right select ‘request a duty swap’ and select the duty you need to swap. You then need to find some likely candidates to swap with. Select a suitable date and check the symbols to see if the person will consider a swap. Click on the symbol next to their name. It is advisable to select several options (up to 20 maximum). You can type in a message (optional) before hitting the ‘request a swap button’. The system will then send a personalised email to the likely candidates.

If someone accepts your request DutyMan will automatically swap the duty records in the database and send confirmation emails to the swap requester and the Duty Roster Administrator. It also records details of the swap in the activity log to provide an audit trail. DutyMan cannot guarantee to always find a swap but over 60% of requests are successful. Inappropriate swaps can easily be identified and reversed.


I can't use Dutyman

All new members are sent an email with their login details. DutyMan will generate a random 8-character password. Once logged in you will be able to change your password, update your contact details and modify your privacy settings.

If you forget your login details please click on the link and click the button "click here for a login reminder" on the right hand side and follow the prompts. You will be sent another email containing a link that will automatically log you in.

If you still cannot use the system please email the AWYC Dutyman Administrator with your preferred dates and roles for duty and you will be added to the roster. You can also phone and the current number can be found here.




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